Naruto Tailed Beasts Sherpa Fleece Blanket

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The Coziest Chakra Cloak

Perfect for cuddling and quality time with your significant other

✅100% polyester is durable yet super soft to the touch

✅One side has beautiful print while other side is focused on comfort

✅Nice and warm for the chilly nights when you wanna watch anime!


Your Own Kyuubi Cloak

Juicy cliffhangers...

Remember those long nights, when

you couldn't stop watching the next episode?

The chances are, it's going to happen again...

But will you be ready?

Surround yourself in comfort like Naruto does wearing a Kyuubi cloak...

Swaddle like a baby in soft texture as you watch your favorite scenes...

So when the night gets chilly, and the plot gets intense...

You'll be warm and cozy in your big blanket.


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