Hunter X Hunter Sherpa Fleece Blanket

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The Perfect Compliment to Your Nen

✅100% polyester is durable yet super soft to the touch

✅One side has beautiful print while other side is focused on comfort

✅Nice and warm for the chilly Nights when you wanna watch anime!


The Final Test

Do you remember the start of the Hunter Exams?📗

Without special powers, a lot of the characters seemed...


Until you learned about the power of Nen. 🔋

What Nen type do you have?

Well, this blanket is definitely an enhancer.

Touch it, and enjoy a huge comfort

boost as peace and Nen flows into your body. 🙏

Surround yourself in relaxation,

like Killua's electric aura when fighting a chimera ant. ⚡

Imagine swaddling like a baby in soft texture, as you watch your favorite scenes...

So when the night gets chilly, and the plot gets intense...

You'll be warm and cozy in your big blanket. 😊



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