Make Out Series "Icha Icha Violence" Journal

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Have Fun Writing in Style

✅128 ruled line single pages, so you can take as many notes as you want

✅Case-wrap binding and hard cover for added protection against wear and fading

✅Glossy finish keeps your journal looking sleek and fresh


These Pages Have Never Been Revealed... 🐸

Hidden beneath this cover is a mystery so interesting,

even Kakashi couldn't put this book down. 😳

Wasn't Jiraiya a good sensei?


From teaching the rasengan to the hot springs...♨️

With him, it's always laughter and good vybes. 😄

And now, many years later...

You get to experience Jiraiya's energy through this masterpiece...

The most wanted book in Naruto. 🍥

Put your thoughts on these pages,

and your words will be blessed by a legend. 👍

Breathe in creativity every time you open the cover. 👼

And when people ask what's in your stylish journal,🥵

Will you keep it a mystery?👀