Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Car Seat Cover

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Improve the Resale Value of Your Car

  • Giorno and Mista are a killer combo. Their abilities compliment each other perfectly... exactly like this seat cover and your car. Make your driving experience much more easy, safe, and fun.
  •  These covers will keep your seats clean from spills, mess, and wear. This is an essential if you have pets. Your seats will hold up much better over time, so your car doesn't lose value.
  •  Get more comfort while driving. Enjoy a more soft texture while sitting in your seat. Also, the fabrics are great at regulating temperature, keeping your car cool in summer and warm in winter.



  • Hand crafted and made to order
  • High quality polyester micro-fiber fabric for maximum durability and comfort
  • No Tools required
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Elastic backing and fastening system ensures a snug and secure universal fit on most standard car and SUV seats.
  • Not for use on seats with integrated airbags, seatbelts or armrests.




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