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Our Story

Those scenes still bring tears to my eyes…
Being a small, bright eyed kid, shows like Naruto and
Dragon Ball Z touched my heart in ways I didn't understand…
But now that I'm older, I realize what Anime is all about…👊🏾
Main characters like Naruto and Goku always amaze me.
They didn't fit into their society...
But still, how could they find their true identity?
How did they live to their FULLEST potential?
How did they win against all odds?
By watching these intense story arcs, I was able to find answers that gave me the confidence to believe in myself as a young kid...
And the inspiration to start Anime at Night as a young man.
Anime at Night is a reminder that that wherever
you are, YOU have the power
To achieve what you want in life,
Because YOU are the main character in your own story…
We are here to inspire you to
Embrace what makes you different.✅
Stand for what you believe... ✅
And work to become a better person, every day you live. ✅
That's why every design hand drawn, and original.
Do you know the classic Shonen
main character, who has the power to bring people together?💪🏾
Similarly, the Anime at Night movement began to connect
people through great designs and messages…
So even if you don't like anime, you still can rock the apparel as part of the family.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your story…🙏🏾❤️
We are here to encourage you with anime apparel,
while you strive to live your purpose and achieve your dreams.
- Braxton