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Q: What if I have other notes and reference pictures that I'd like to add?

A: No Problem! You can reach out to us on Instagram @anime_at_night, discord, or email  @info.animeatnight.com. Ask for Katie. She'll take care of all the extra info you want to add to make sure you get an awesome design.

Q: Will I be able to see how it looks before it's delivered?

A: Yes you will! We always email you the design before starting your canvas. If you'd like to sign off on the design before it's delivered, message Katie on Instagram @anime_at_night. or email her @info.animeatnight.com

Q: If I order again, will the new style be different?

A: Our artists do their best to match each other's style. However, they don't draw exactly the same. Please let us know if you've gotten a design before, and we will match you up with the artist who made your first design so it stays as consistent.

Q. Do you all do any other anime styles?

A: Yes! We have amazing artists that can match just about any style. However, these are done on special request and limited, so shoot us a message first and we'll take care of you!